How to set up GZDoom with ZDL


The GZDoom Source Port - This program is a game engine that plays Doom. It is a port of source code of Doom to modern machines that has some extra features.

A legal copy of Doom 1, Doom 2 and/or Final Doom. This will give you the IWAD files that contain all of the game assets GZDoom needs to actually play Doom.

The ZDL Launcher - This program is a launcher that lets you easily choose a source port, and IWAD and an optional set of other wads

A new level to play. I'd recommend Sigil, a new episode of Doom written by John Romero for the 25th anniversary of Doom. I'd also recommend casting your eyes over the Doomworld Cacowards

Other Recommend Utility Wads

Smooth Doom - Makes the animation smoother

Fancy Transparent HUD - A slighty nicer HUD that still has the vital feature of Doomguy's face

How To Install It All

First, create a folder somewhere to hold your Doom (I called mine DooM). Then, create a subfolder to hold your IWAD files and move the DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD, PLUTIONA.WAD and TNT.WAD into it. Then create another to hold your PWAD files and unzip Sigil in there.

Then, extract ZDL and GZDoom into this folder. You should end up with the following folder structure

DooM\GZDooM X.y.z

How To Actually Run Doom

Run ZDL.exe in DooM\ZDL\ZDL.exe, go to General Settings and add the GZDoom Source Port and the IWAD's from the IWAD folder.

You can then go to launch config, select an IWAD and click launch. If you want to play a custom level or use a mod, you can add it using the plus sign under the External files pane on the left hand side.

GZDoom Config

Once you have GZDoom running, you'll probably notice two things. First of all, the controls are weird because we didn't know any better back then and second of all, there's a weird screen filter that blurs away all of the nice chunky pixels.

You can change the controls in Options. You want to change the movement controls to WASD in Options > Customize Controls > Actions, I'd also recommend going to Mouse Options and turning Mouselook Speed to zero so that you can't look up and down (like in vanilla Doom)

Options > Player Setup and turning on Always Run and setting Autoaim to 35 (which was what it was in the vanilla game because you couldn't look up or down back in the 1980's or whenever this game came out, We literally didn't have the tech for it)

Now that your controls are fixed, lets get rid of that pixel filtering. Go to Options > Display Options > Texture Options and set Texture Filter mode to None. You'll also want to change the Sector Light Mode to Vanilla in Options > Display Options > Hardware Rendering or else it won't be dark enough IMO.

That's everything that's essential, just play about with the rest of the settings to taste.

Now go out and do some demon slaying!